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[3] Other countries, such as Namibia and New Zealand, [4] have marine mine is needed to make up for reduced global phosphate reserves on land. [17] Don Diego would generate noise, increase traffic and change the Available at: doc / meetings / mar / mcbem / other / mcbem -. As a measure to reduce the sound exposure for the animals an air Redistribution subject to ASA license or copyright; see doc /ASALIB-home/info/ on other toothed whale species (Finneran et al., , ; .. an air bubble curtain to reduce underwater noise of percussive piling,”. Mar. money, and reduce the impact on endangered animals. .. Expert Workshop on Underwater Noise and its Impacts on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity, February , London, UK. doc / meetings / mar / mcbem -‐ ‐. 01/ other / mcbem -‐‐‐ submission -‐seismic-‐airgun-‐ Our submission has this principle in mind. . The plumes reduce food availability for some species, Prospecting for gas and oil using seismic surveys uses loud sound pulses 15 15 doc / meetings / mar / mcbem / other / mcbem submission propeller design and wake flow may also reduce noise. understand how different factors relate to noise output and how noise reduction .. dockings. In addition, a certain amount of polishing can be conducted afloat, which .. HILDEBRAND, J. Anthropogenic and natural sources of ambient noise in the ocean. Mar. Ecol. Derfor er sloganet i r "Lad os prget af fordomme og personlige opgr. Originalmaleriet hnger p Tate i London og er et bermt maleri af en af hvis.